The Next Wave: Nick Gordon, Academy

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Academy's Nick Gordon made waves earlier this year with his spot for Radio 1, in which documentary-style scenes from the 'hood seem to naturally coincide with the shaky rhythms and staccato beats of the mixed Black music track. The 32-year-old Gordon, an established clips director who studied fine art and sculpture in the U.K., moved into spots only in the last year and a half. He shot and cast "1 xtra" in the Loughborough Estates, one of the sketchiest areas in London. He set up every "found" scene, and then worked closely with editor Joe Guest to get the strongest interplay of sight and sound. "Together we built up tiny narratives and musically we juxtaposed scenes to see what worked best to create the strongest piece," he notes. But coordination wasn't even half of it. "The brief I gave myself was just to get the atmosphere spot on. I think that's big. The details are so important, but in the end if the feeling and the atmosphere isn't right, then everything else isn't really going to work." Besides Radio 1, Gordon has applied his diverse palette to an extended promo for Nike, featuring animated big-headed b-ballers; and comedy for SAS, in which a female traveler gets snafu'd into a crime she didn't commit.
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