Super Bowl XLII: Bearing Down Fast

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Last year Chicago's Element79 made a Super Bowl spot in four days, but if you're still fumbling for an idea this late in the game you should be looking to XLIII. Don't worry; some idea-less spots made it through, based on what we've seen so far. Most are under embargo, and can't be sneered at until after they run in the game, so make sure to tune in here late Sunday and onwards for the rundown. Here are some spots we can show you now.

Don't get us wrong, they're not all bad—well, we'll let you decide. You and the folks we've asked to record video reviews of the biggest spots. Those will be appearing early next week as well. In the mean time, stir that crab dip and watch the spots we have so far: Tide'll help you keep quiet during a job interview, Sunsilk gives you Marilyn/Shakira/Madonna and the street pharmacist gets some competition from the legit doctor. Justin Timberlake takes a nut shot for Pepsi, which also brought back our favorite Haddaway song and gave differently able employees some love. Don't forget GoDaddy and Danica Patrick, who takes the checkered flag in the Credibility Poison 500.
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