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The Super Bowl is upon us yet again. Sunday the perfect Patriots and scrappy underdog Giants will compete for all the NFL glory. But we're not worried so much about that. We're watching the thirty-something brands shelling out up to $2.6 million for a 30-second crack at catching the quickly unraveling American Attention Span. Will Anheuser-Busch reach into your gut, grab your inner frat boy and crack him a cold one? Will FedEx be able to hold onto the tried-and-true office-with-a-twist zeitgeist now that The Office has rendered that soil depleted? Will Procter air the Tide-To-Go "Interview" spot that won a Lion at Cannes last year? Will founder Vin Gupta have learned a thing or two about creating television advertising since last year, or will the majority of payers-of-attention opt for the three-word critique, Waste Of Money, yet again?

Clearly there are many intangibles at play here. But we know Dell is working with HSI director Sam Beyer in a spot for the computers tied with the Red campaign. We know St. Louis' favorite will trot out some Clydesdales. GoDaddy will rail against Fox's censorship, then try to get us online to watch spots. We know Noam Murro directed Venables Bell & Partners' Audi :60.

While we nail down the details, find all the commercials (yes, if you've got 'em, submit 'em) and get them ready for the Sunday night debut, why don't you take a moment and remember all of last year's spots? While you're at it, we've got the spots from XL in Motown, too. And the bright minds at Moses Anshell in Phoenix gave us their home-team take on the dayprint out the scorecard and play along at home. Our friends at Ad Age have also compiled a guide to all the players in the spot competition. We'll be bringing whatever spots we can to you before the game, so check in on the Super Bowl XLII playlist thoughout the week. And don't leave that spinach artichoke dip until the last minute; you know how it gets when you're running around on Sunday trying to find fresh artichokes.

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