Don't Get Chili on Yer Twitter

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Hot diggity dog! It's just a few days to Super Sunday and we can barely contain ourselves.

While it seems like more marketers than usual are cutting loose the coveted creative before kickoff (and we've got a ton of big-brand efforts up already), there are still some surprises left for gameday.

Most notably, phew, will those scrappy Cardinals be able to keep hope alive in the face of repeat-hungry Pittsburgh?

We'll be cranking our pithy observations into Twitter, and would love for you to join us. Follow at or just keep your eyes on this nifty area below.

Hit us with the @creativitymag and say hi; we'd love to know who you're rooting for, what stage of gastric distress you're in and how the non-ad people at your party react to the blockbusters. And if you're lucky enough to be watching without civilians, we expect professional-level heckling. Think of it as constructive criticism, but seen through a beery, wings-sauced lens. We'll retweet the funniest and try to stay as engaged as possible without spilling Meister Brau on the keyboard.

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