Doritos' CGM Effort Tops Ad Meter

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Pepsi tried to pass the torch from Bob Dylan to Will.I.Am, but a bigger shift arrived today with the USA TODAY Ad Meter results, in which a consumer-generated effort from Doritos dethroned mighty Bud.

After a ten-year run, Bud's authority was usurped by, believe it or not, workplace hijinks involving a smashed vending machine and the boss getting a snow globe in the crotch.

The spot, featuring a methy-surfer character and his stout office mate, earns its creators, Dave and Joe Herbert, two brothers from Indiana, a cool million dollars for topping the charts.

Last week, we presented the five Doritos finalists in Rate the Ad and the notion of one topping the Ad Meter was remote; indeed, one commenter virtually scoffed with "you cannot be serious." Here's how the spots ranked on the Ad Meter; watch them all here.

Top 10

1. Doritos: Free Doritos
2. Budweiser: Clydesdale Circus
3. Budweiser: Clydesdale Stick
4. Bridgestone: Taters
5. Doritos: Power of the Crunch
6. David Abernathy
7. Pedigree: Crazy Pets
8. Pepsi: Refresh Anthem
9. Castrol: Grease Monkeys
10. Bud Light: Meeting

And the bottom 10...

40. Universal: Fast and Furious trailer
41. GoDaddy: Shower
42. Cash4Gold: One-Up
43. Gatorade: What is G?
44. Pepsi: PepSuber
45. GoDaddy: Baseball
46. United Way
47. Hyundai: Angry Bosses
48. Toyota: Faces
49. Hyundai: Contract
50. Vizio
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