Bob Saget, a Muppet and Carmen Electra Walk Into These Super Bowl Teasers

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We're 11 days away from Super Bowl XLVII -- and so far, only one marketer, Axe, has released the full length version of its Big Game ad. But as with most years, teasers are a-plenty.

Toyota's teaser, from Saatchi & Saatchi, Los Angeles, features Terry Crews driving up to what looks like an abandoned school bus in Highlander, when he gets ambushed by surprise passengers -- including Rowlf from the Muppets.

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Greek yogurt brand Oikos is back with its second Super Bowl spot. In a teaser, John Stamos (who appeared in the brand's outing in 2012) is reunited with his "Full House" costars Dave Coulier and Bob Saget. The teaser invites you to head to to see more content featuring the threesome.

"Something scary" is promised in Audi's trailer, from Venables Bell & Partners. Judges and hosts at a dog show grimace at the sight of an unseen beast, which growls and tenses his haunches, apparently getting ready to leap.

Volkswagen, which last year dropped a Big Game commercial from Deutsch featuring a Minnesota man with a sunny disposition and a Jamaican accent, teases us this year with a trailer showing a German engineer using an algorithm to create "the most successful Volkswagen ad." The spot features Carmen Electra, puppies, groin shots and more.

First-time Super Bowl advertiser Squarespace's teaser, released last week, featured the Internet as a scary place where Cash 4 Gold signs abound.

And Butterfinger's "Cup Therapy" was a suggestive bit by agency Dailey that sent chocolate and peanut butter to "food therapy," where they encounter cheese, crackers and a hard salami.

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