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Colgate Super Bowl Ad Will Urge People to Turn Off Faucet

30-Second Spot in Second Half of Game Adapted from Latin America Ad

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Colgate toothpaste will air its first Super Bowl ad in February's game, and it has little to do with oral care. The 30-second spot titled "Save Water" aims to focus on the millions of gallons of water people waste by leaving the tap running while brushing their teeth.

The ad will be an adaptation of a 60-second ad originally created by Y&R Peru for the brand in Latin America last year (above). It will dovetail with an #EveryDropCounts social-media campaign, a spokeswoman for Colgate said in an e-mail. It all aims to point out that Americans on average waste 4 gallons of water per day by leaving the faucet running while brushing their teeth.

The ad is set to air during the two-minute warning during the second half. While it's the first Super Bowl ad for brand Colgate, Colgate-Palmolive Co. sibling Speed Stick had the company's first entry into the game in 2013.

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