Underrated Super Bowl Spots: Audi Makes Offer Roger Camp Can't Refuse

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Camp & King Chief Creative Officer Roger Camp was behind one of the most memorable ads around the big game, Outpost.com's "Gerbils," as well as more recent hilarious antics such as the UGG "Do Nothing" campaign starring Tom Brady and Jeff Bridges.

Roger Camp
Roger Camp 

Here, he shares some of his thought on Super Bowl spots from years past that haven't gotten enough love, including a Volkswagen spot that didn't star Little Darth, and a dark humor winner from Audi.

Check out more underrated spots from Super bowl vets, including Mr. Camp's former colleague Eric Silver and Barton F. Graf founder Gerry Graf.

Monster.com "When I Grow Up" (1999)

Monster.com's "When I Grow Up" was rated the 5th most liked commercial from 1999. 5th?! It was so insightful. So smart. So well-written and masterfully produced. It poked at our deepest career fears with velvet gloves. By the way, Bud Light's "Man Chooses Bud Light Over Toilet Paper" was the second most liked that year ...Um ... yeah.

Google "Parisian Love" (2010)

I can remember this spot and the exact moment it came on, which is weird I know. But it was so simple, powerful and different. So while it might not show up in many "best Super Bowl commercials" lists, it coupled a product demo with fantastic storytelling. Can I get an "Amen!"?

Foot Locker "Futuristic" (1987)

I'm including this just so Ad Age puts up this crazy-ass still frame and link. It's not great by any stretch but it's funny as hell to watch it now.

Volkswagen "Punch Dub" (2010)

Lets face it, VW has done quite a job of delivering on great spots so many damn times, it's easy to overlook some of the spots that aren't well, Darth Vader kid. This spot was one of them. It's a truth. It's funny. AND the idea is completely openable by the brand. Pow pow pow.

Audi "Horsehead"

After years of living in BMW's shadow, Audi finally had a car lineup that was worthy of your attention. And this spot was the line in the sand. It was as much about brand intentions and ambitions, which by itself is a very slippery slope, but Audi had the goods to deliver on all this spot promised.

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