Meet Taijin Takeuchi, the man behind "Wolf and Pig"

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You've likely seen Ookami to Buta, or Wolf and Pig, making the rounds recently. The unique animation, created by Tokyo-based Taijin Takeuchi, combines 1300 photographs into a humorous stop motion chase between predator and prey.

According to Takeuchi, the film was inspired by David Hockney's photo collage techniques, in which he married multiple photographs to create a single scene. "I thought, could I combine photos in that way to make a video?" says Takeuchi. In this film he shows that he certainly can, but also gives the technique his own unusual twist by cleverly carving the stop motion action around the mundane backdrop of an apartment.

The 25-year old Nagoya-born Takeuchi studied animation at Musashino Art University and is currently looking for representation for spots and music videos. He created Wolf and Pig over twelve months when he was still in school. The animation went on to appear in film festivals in Japan, including Baca-ja, where it took first prize in 2007. "I was really surprised," he says of how popular the film has become--over 1.2 million hits on Youtube--after he uploaded it onto the site two weeks ago.

Currently, Takeuchi is building a fish doll for his next film, a puppet animation entitled Sakana to Ningen, or Fish and Human, which he hopes to finish in the next six months. In the meantime, check out some of his other works and even a quick lesson on stop motion on his website or his Youtube Channel.
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