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David Wilson
David Wilson

Name: David Wilson / Age: 23 / Profession: director / Location: London / Production Co.: blinkink / Hometown: Wells, Somerset, England

The video for Moray McLaren's "We Got Time" is more like an elaborate art installation caught on film, than a music video. With the help of multiple turntables, praxinoscopes and a couple guys in wolf masks, director David Wilson was able to deftly combine his illustration background, interest in installation work and penchant for problem-solving, all in one stunning piece of film—captured entirely, and unbelievably, in-camera.

I became a director because ... I studied illustration at the University of Brighton and I felt it was a natural progression from making still images. I just felt a bit restricted solely producing still images — there was something inside me that wanted to make them move.

My biggest influence is... early animation, whether it's the pioneers playing with stop-frame stuff or early Walt Disney, like Dumbo.

No matter how complicated a project might be ... I'm always very conscious of building a good story around the work so it's not just visual candy. So even though the process might be very challenging, the finished project shouldn't be a challenge to watch or enjoy.

The praxinoscope was perfect because ... Moray McLaren was talking about relationships and cycles and we were keen to do something about life and death and nature. So I thought the cyclical nature of the turntables fit in quite nicely with these themes.

In-camera work is better than CG because... it gets the actors and crew excited to see things happening in front of their eyes and you get a much better reaction. And it's almost the things that go wrong that I like and embrace. In the Moray McLaren video, there would be a little jump where the mirrors weren't quite lined up perfectly or at the top of the mirrors the image is bent and refracted a bit. And if you tried to make it look like that in CG, it just wouldn't look the same.

The thing about CG is... it's very difficult to get right, but a lot of people just think these effects are done with a push of a button, which is a shame because it does take a lot of skill.

My favorite book right now is... is The Timewaster Letters by Robin Cooper.

My favorite film is... Dancer in the Dark. It just really struck me and nothing's really struck me like that since.

If it wasn't for YouTube... I wouldn't have started in filmmaking. I'd upload work and have feedback and that's how I got my first bits of work, just from having stuff on YouTube. It's interesting to see how it's influencing the industry.

If I wasn't directing ... I'd be pursuing making stuff like installations and sculpture. The art work that really inspires me is the interactive stuff – the video projections and things like that. I'm really into interactive and sound art. It's taking moving images and putting it into 3D objects rather than going back into static imagery or sculpture.
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