Baker Smith, Harvest

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Baker Smith's roll has continued non-stop since he launched Harvest in 2001, from taking Gold at Cannes for the "Beware of Things Made in October" Fox Sports campaign to earning this year's nod from the DGA. Recent additions to his darkly-inflected comedic oeuvre include filmic moments for Mini, a revisit to Fox Sports via the "God is a Celtics Fan" campaign, and Coors Light's "Wingman," in which a loyal buddy hangs with a motormouth chick so his pal can do the dance floor nasty with her girlfriend.

What's the most important consideration for a commercials director? "To keep focused on the concept and speak up if something isn't working. Making a commercial is like staging a ballet in a phone booth. It's chaos. If you remain calm and focused, you won't deliver a turd."

Do you have a wingman? "I have two wingmen. My wife, Kristin, and Bonnie Goldfarb, my EP/partner. They're completely crazy and I sleep with the both of them - not at the same time though. I was just kidding about the 'nuts' part."

Name some of your influences. "I'm constantly moved by what I see on any given day. I think directors are really anthropologists, observers of moments that pass between people."

What's your philosophy of getting a good performance? "Pay attention in the casting process. Don't call back 100 people. Rather, call back three so you can use that time to rehearse the script. Use your time wisely, grasshopper."

If you were a Cannes juror, what gets your vote for the Grand Prix? "I would selfishly vote for my Fox Sports "Celtics" campaign. All kidding aside, Saturn's 'Sheet Metal' is perfect. Brilliant concept, flawlessly executed. That really makes me angry. Noam Murro sucks."

What's the strangest thing that's happened to you on set? "I stripped naked because the set was tense. Everybody laughed at my little willy and then we commenced filmmaking."

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