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Smuggler's Brian Beletic, a Texan who came out of the MTV School of Production and hip-hop videos, is a leading member of the under-30 breed of semi-subversive spots shooters who started out on a roll and whose momentum just keeps building. He's pigeonhole-proof, seemingly everyone wants to work with him, and his insane Virgin Mobile campaign, from Leagas Delaney/S.F., is a director's dream job. Moreover, his first feature is apparently already well past the planning stages.

What do you consider a milestone in your directing career? "Meeting Dan Quayle at a Christmas Party."

What's the most important consideration for a commercials director? "The director's cut."

What's the most rewarding thing about your job: "Girls."

What's your philosophy of getting great performances? "Casting is my favorite stage before the shoot, and it's also the most important stage. I think Happy's idea of hypnotizing your actors is really clever."

What kind of project haven't you done that you want to do? "I haven't done badass in-camera car crash collision stuff, which I want to do so bad. James Brown's Sony Playstation spot for The Getaway is my favorite spot in the last year."

If you were a Cannes juror, what gets your vote for the Grand Prix this year? "Gonna have to go with Tony Rickardsson, he's going for his sixth world championship."

What's next in your career? "Feature film, May 2004."

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