Bryan Buckley, Hungry Man

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Voted by the industry in last year's report as the No. 1 commercials director, Hungry Man's Bryan Buckley remains at the top of his game, zeroing in on all forms of funny. Recent ventures include celeb-driven spots for Pepsi and H&R Block featuring, respectively, the Osbournes and Willie Nelson; Ikea's surreal escape from six feet under; and an oddly debauched Las Vegas campaign that brings out the sin in Sin City. He's infected Europe as well, via the twisted "Brilliant Industries" for Egg Bank and Orange's self-mocking cinema campaign, featuring the likes of Spike Lee, Alan Cumming and Carrie Fisher.

Who is the toughest celebrity you've worked with? "Mike Myers was the most intense. We had to have a pre-pre-pro meeting with him and he screened my whole crew, had ideas for actors, had questions on the boards. Comedy to him is a very exact science."

What's the most important consideration for a director? "Endurance, because it's easy for you to stop caring at some point. There are so many details. It can be relentless, but the minute you stop and let your guard down, shit happens."

What kind of project do you want to do but haven't done yet? "We all know the one I haven't done yet (a movie). In commercials, I haven't done a Carrot Top spot."

What's your strangest on-the-job experience? "When we were shooting for Vindaloo Noodles. It was a pretty good indication of trouble when my PA went to pick up the actor and the guy said, 'Are you with the sheriff?' Anyway, we finally got him over to the shoot, and he ran away. He didn't just walk away, he ran. He even jumped over hedges."

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