Daniel Kleinman, Spectre

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Daniel Kleinman is known for directing vivid visualizations of impossible ideas. "I love a project where I'm entering new ground, not copying something existent," he says. "I'm happy doing comedy, dialogue, inventing and using special effects, shooting cars, condoms, beer, drama, virals or any bloody thing - as long as I find it interesting." Through London's Spectre, Kleinman's work for Xbox and John West, alternately neo-mythic and slapstick, impressed punters and festival judges alike. His Johnnie Walker "Fish" spot, with its schools of submarine humanity navigating their way toward enlightenment, again combines flawlessly wrought fantasy with jaw-dropping artifice (see Creativity, May 2003, p. 49). Kleinman calls the spot "one of the most stretching shoots and concepts I have done. We had to invent rigs to achieve the type of movement I wanted from the actors, in and out of the water. There is a fair amount of CG work but most of the figures you see swimming and all of the leaps from the water are real. We invented special fins for them to wear, with the same refractive index as water so they became invisible when submerged."

Of late, Kleinman has successfully melded the Jimi Hendrix Experience, James Bond title sequences (he directed the titles for The World Is Not Enough) and Audi design elements in "Influence." "I think the idea of the ad is really about how music, art and other disparate influences can come together to inspire something new, even if the connection seems tenuous," he reflects.

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