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RSA's Jake Scott is intent on steering his own career rather than residing in the "beautiful visuals" niche carved out by his stellar work on Nike's "Moves." "I'd actually like to do more character driven work, but it's one of those things I'm not considered for," says Scott. "My reel doesn't suggest that's an area I thrive in. 'Move' was challenging and rewarding, but it isolates you as that type of director." All the same, Scott's AOL "Six Million Dollar Man" spot, an updated, motion graphics intensive take on the '70's TV show with the AOL logo taking the place of a cybernetic Steve Austin, made the Super Bowl 2003 scene.

But Scott is fonder of recent work for American Express. "Mr. Lee" and "Penguins" were both shot in Patagonia, Argentina, for McCann-Erickson/New York. The first shows a frustrated businessman shopping by phone from an isolated booth in the desert; his success in securing a mail order gift for his wife is illustrated by a chipper skip from booth to limo. "It's out of character and incongruous," says Scott. "In the U.S., people don't laugh, but in England it worked, so I suppose there are real differences in the area of humor between North America and the U.K.." "Penguins" captures the work of two avian researchers frustrated by their inability to photograph their stay among a flock of the two-tone birds. "It was supposed to be two guys having their photo taken surrounded by penguins, but they're very skittish, " he says. "So it ended up being us dragging ourselves on our bellies like snipers. We made it up as we went along, incorporating the frustration of setting up the spot."

The researchers in the spot were played by Scott's RSA cohorts Philip Fox Mills and Bryan Farhy, talent every bit as unruly as a flock of penguins. Those who've met them will agree that directing this pair most assuredly contributes to Scott's quest for "character-driven work."

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