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Adam Cameron and Simon Cole, a pair of Brits with artsy backgrounds in classics and theater, moved to the States three years ago with the express intention of conquering the commercials world and, via Headquarters, they've been doing just that, with two DGA Best Director nominations and a bunch of great spots, led by the Italian FastWeb box-headed boy story that doubles as a brilliant music video.

Name some of your influences. Cameron: "The Marx Brothers." Cole: "Mrs. Bletchley (my English teacher) and Orson Welles."

What do you consider a milestone in your directing career? Cameron: "Success in the U.S." Cole: "Letting craft services come to me."

What was an outstanding moment of a recent campaign? Cole: "Holding up 750,000 cars on one day for a Toyota commercial. Sorry, L.A."

What's the most important consideration for a commercials director? Cameron: "A sense of humor." Cole: "To keep breathing."

What's the most rewarding thing about your job? Cameron: "Keeping your sense of humor." Cole: "The alchemy of art and commerce."

What's your philosophy of getting great performances? Cole: "Try saying, 'Make me look good, you talentless pratt.' "

What kind of project haven't you done that you want to do? Cameron: "Performance-based tabletop." Cole: "Anything that Frank Budgen gets."

What's next in your career? Cameron: "God knows." Cole: "I intend to run a small petting zoo."

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