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MJZ directing team Kuntz & Maguire want to take this opportunity to let us all know that they're "very serious," in reference to their current undertaking: shooting their first feature, born of the fertile-minded satirists of online/weekly piss take The Onion. In the movie version of The Onion, "Funnily enough, there are a lot of mini-short films going on," says Mike Maguire. "For people who do what we do, there couldn't be more of a custom-made movie. It feels like doing 30 commercials projects at once,"

The team finished the rewrite of The Onion draft in April, and start shooting in Los Angeles this summer. They took scripting breaks to direct Visa's "Lost Luggage," for Leo Burnett/Toronto (see p. 64), and two videos for bizarre Detroit rockers Electric Six. "Danger! High Voltage" stars the band's frontman as a jaded aristocrat with a penchant for pyromania who shares glowing erogenous zones with his leather-clad septuagenarian mama. The new "Gay Bar" (see p.64) recasts the lead singer as the gay Abraham Lincoln we've all suspected once romped through the Oval Office. But the loneliness inherent in being a gay Republican is assuaged by the fact that Abe orgies out with an eager throng of thong-clad Lincoln clones.

Having exorcised their own homoerotic demons, Kuntz & Maguire are primed to begin shooting The Onion movie. "It feels like the most fun project we have done," says Tom Kuntz. "It's free of all the things that get in the way with commercials, like time frames, and that you can't curse. We can make the scenes as long we want, we can curse and we can kill people."

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