Malcolm Venville, Anonymous

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London-based photographer-turned-director Malcolm Venville's wide-ranging body of minimalist work shares visual simplicity as a common thread. Working through Anonymous Content in the States and his own Therapy Films in the U.K., Venville says being raised amid the silence of his deaf parents contributed immensely to his focus on "simplicity of communication. My work is clear, graphic, with easy to comprehend elements," says Venville, offering VW's "Squares" as a recent example. "It's about simple comprehension, looking at life and the world as square but not bringing anything more than that to it. It's not polished; it's unfiltered and very tonal." Venville's several spots for MasterCard, with their combination of neatly photographed, telling scenes and empathic visual narrative imbue his spots with warmth, humanity and a wry, understated perspective. "What's important for me is stripping away all the elements to a bare minimum - like, forget camera movements unless it has to move; keep the props and production design to a minimum to create a clean, graphic, well-lit palette; keep physical action down, unless actor's movements contribute to the idea. We're in a particular moment in media history, talking to a savvy, literate, impatient, freewheeling world. The audience is desperate for clarity of communication. I think it's important to forget about technique and tools and focus on the idea."
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