Sam Bayer, RSA

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Thanks to his spectaculars for Nissan, Mountain Dew and others, Sam Bayer has a well-earned spot in the action hero hall of fame. But there's much to be anticipated with his switch from longtime shop HSI to RSA, where the director/DP hopes to revisit his visual roots and explore terrain in comedy and features. His recent exploits include "Animated," the latest in his seven years of hair-raising for the iconic green soda, where Xtreme sportsters Dew it up in an updated Roger Rabbit style; rockin' spots for Pepsi Blue and one for the NYC 2012 Olympics campaign.

What's crucial to keep in mind when doin' the Dew (or any other effects-laden spectacular)? "I always try to find new ways to photograph the stunt work, and I try to use athletes in ways you're not accustomed to seeing. I never want the viewer to feel cheated. The stunts should be of a high enough quality that the viewer believes some of the really spectacular stunts were done live."

What's the most important consideration for a commercials director: "You've got to love something about the job other than the paycheck. If it's only about the money, the work will never be great."

What kind of project haven't you done that you want to do? "A movie."

What's the last thing that made you laugh or cry? "My feature film career."

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