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You can never be too rich, too thin, or have enough storage on your hard drive. A San Francisco-based startup called is promising to change all that -- well, at least the storage part -- with an offer of up to 100 free megs of storage on their servers. Need more than 100 megs? Driveway is only too happy to sell additional space, which is available in 100-meg increments (with a 500-meg maximum per user) for $29.95 for three months for each additional 100 megs, or $107.95 for a year. While this is a great deal for individuals, it's just the tip of the iceberg for creative teams working within ad agencies and Web production firms, since each user has a 500-meg maximum, putting the potential total storage available for a project well into the gigasphere.

The way it works is simple. Log on to and register. You immediately get your own password-protected account and folder on the Driveway server. You can accept the ready-made default folders, labeled Backups, Documents and Pictures, or make your own. Uploading files to Driveway is as simple as clicking on their Browse button, which provides a view of your own hard drive. Click on the files you want, then hit upload. In an instant, a copy of the file is sent to Driveway, where it now appears in your account. Click the Move button and you can store the file in any of your folders.

Anything that can be digitized can be stored on the Driveway account. That means sound files, QuickTime movies, jpegs, PowerPoint presentations, Photoshop documents, and more. Entire projects can be saved to a Driveway Web folder as a work in progress. Project team members along with clients can log on, enter the password and begin working remotely.

For last-minute presentations, say before a client pitch, changes can be made to the work, then loaded into a project folder. Creatives from around the globe can access the account, download the most recent files to their hard drive, make last-minute changes and upload the new version.

For far-flung creative work groups, Driveway functions as more than just a pure storage option. Think of it as a 20-second color fax machine with global access. Your competition has. Already Driveway is signing up corporate clients like Microsoft and Lycos at a rapid clip, and the site now boasts 2.5 million members.

When it comes to the global information superhighway, if you can't be part of the steamroller, at least you can be part of the driveway.

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