Brian Collins, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather Brand Integration Group

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Twenty years from now, creative directors-as we know them-will be gone. They will be replaced by a new breed of storyteller who will be able to actually create a brand's value proposition- as well as communicate it. The creative director of the future will know how to create brand mythologies, deliver brand experiences and delight customers at every interaction. This differs greatly from today's commodified model where agencies are mostly relegated to only communications.

The role of design-still relegated to decoration in many agencies-will dominate. Design is a brand's promise made visible, real-and tangible. Identity, product design, packaging, store and event design-will play the key role in defining how we experience brands. Agencies that don't get this will be gone.

To get to this evolutionary position, we need to cultivate creative people who are, from the start, transmedia thinkers. Individuals who move across widely different creative platforms easily and quickly. I already see this in young creative thinkers who have a global outlook and global experience. They think as readily in interactive as they do in advertising as they do in design. The dreary TV model no longer dominates their creative ambitions. Rather, they see things in three and even four dimensions-and work in all of them.

And the creative mecca for advertising will no longer be a wannabe movie festival in Cannes. It will be the International Design ( and Advertising) Conference in Aspen.

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