Chad Rea, co-founder, 86 The Onions

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20 years from now, there will be an award-winning British TV program blatantly ripped off for a fast food giant. Two obscure Swiss installation artists will have their video lifted almost verbatim for an award-winning car campaign. A "Life without something" campaign will be created. Pharmaceutical ads will dominate the commercials airways while BMW Films clones will become the norm. Someone will get artists or children or consumers to interpret their brand in a "brand by so-and-so" campaign. Someone will use their brand name's initials to form random words. "400 concepts. 30 creative teams. One formulaic headline that will get approved." Because someone else is doing a headline that starts with "Because". A Stomp-esque TV spot will be made. Someone will take existing packaging, replace the copy and make that their print ad. It will appear in triplicate and be considered a campaign. Someone will cut together a montage of images with a track from a well-known or up-and-coming artist and end with a logo. A dick or fart joke will surface. A product will be personified. And someone- perhaps a marketing director, or a creative, or a journalist, or an awards show judge-will finally change the advertising blueprint.
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