Chuck Porter, chairman, CP+B,chief strategist, MDC

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I think that for a time-I don't know for how long but hopefully for a while-there can be a network based on the best creative companies, and I don't think it will ever be like a holding company because one of the things it's going to have to do is to be more of a partner. I think that most talented, smart people in this business are leery about being owned by anyone. So I think that that kind of partner or that kind of resource can exist if they can create and maintain a culture that these people-the people who build businesses in this industry- can live with.

And whatever any kind of partner or affiliate or holding company will look like in the future will be much less centralized than what they look like today. People in this business are anarchists-people in this business who are good are unmanageable. The only reason I'm even attempting to (build a network like this) is I think we've created a culture at this agency that's a unique culture A lot of what we are has never come from management at the top it has always bubbled up from below. The good people in this business tend to be like that, they tend to thrive in those conditions so I think that any network of the future that's going to succeed is going to be decentralized, un-management oriented. They are going to be more of a partner and a resource than they are a manager.

I don't want to be a collection of good agencies or even great agencies. I think there are a lot of smart people who are in fields that help to build brands that don't do ads that I want to be associated with. I don't want to buy anyone who's for sale-I'm looking to partner with really smart people who seem to me to be poised to grow as the revolution in marketing continues. I think what I see going on in the marketing business overall is that big is no benefit anymore. It's certainly no benefit for most marketers. I think small is good, flexible is good and innovative is good. So I'm looking for people who don't necessarily have a huge vested interest in the status quo.

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