David Bell, Chairperson, CEO, IPG

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The famous Mexican novelist Carlos Fuentes once said, "There are years in which nothing happens and years in which centuries happen." In our business these days, it seems as if every year is one of the latter. Trying to look out 20 years is like being asked to predict the next millenium, so instead, I'll stick to a few enduring truths.

Talent will always be the primary driver of success. Holding companies must create a culture that is not just talent-friendly, but talent-committed.

Consolidation and boutiquification will continue to co-exist. Globalization and increasing media complexity require the resources of large organizations; much of the energy, ferment and change required to connect with today's consumers is found in independent centers of excellence.

Clients don't care what resources we have. They don't want to hear about process, they want teams of marketing geniuses who can create transformational ideas-the kinds that grow their business.

Getting the strategy and message right is not enough. Creativity will also be about having the right recipe-one part TV, one PR campaign, two experiential marketing events and a pinch of proprietary embedded content.

It's all about touchpoints. Thousands, every day. Increasingly, we'll be called upon to understand the value of each of them. And the ROI of pretty much everything we do.

Okay, one prediction. Companies that "get" these truths, no matter their size, are the only ones that will have a future.

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