Johan Kramer, Principal/Creative Director, KesselsKramer, Amsterdam, 2015

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Chances are huge that a lot of people who are working in advertising nowadays won't be in the same business in 10 years. Why? Well, because we have been a lazy industry in the last 40 years. While others around us innovated, most of us are still working in the system that was created in the '50s in the United States. Ad agencies are dinosaurs and not very quick when it comes to change.

In the meantime, consumers are getting every day more bored when it comes to advertising. Zapping was only the beginning. The TiVo is on its way to Europe. Advertising needs to reinvent itself. Otherwise, not only our audiences will be bored, also the people working in advertising will be very bored and start thinking about something else exciting to do. Top creatives like Alex Bogusky shouldn't be making 15-second commercials that hardly anyone watches. With the talent he has, he should be making a feature film, which might be sponsored by one of his clients and is part of a campaign for that client. Look, for example, at what BMW has been doing in the United States. But that's only the beginning. In general, we need to bring in new talent from other areas into our agencies, broaden our thinking and start producing communication instead of advertising.

A book of poems could be much more effective than a boring single-page ad. A smart distribution solution might be more effective than a stupid moving billboard. Furthermore, we need to work much closer with the companies we now produce advertising for. We should almost become part of these companies and help them create a vision they can aspire to. For years, we all have promoted endless consumption; maybe it's time now to think a bit differently about this if we'd still like to have a planet in 50 years. Instead of making more products that we don't need, maybe we should be making fewer but better products that last longer and don't make the environment angry.

The responsibility is on our shoulders. You can't say we are only the messengers, because we are part of this economic system-a system that is becoming obsolete and is upsetting more and more people in the world, especially, the people that can't profit at all from it. Think about all the people who see us getting richer and richer every day and who have nothing at all. Who, maybe, when they're lucky, still have a job producing all the stuff we consume so quickly. We can all learn a lot from a small country in the Himalayas called Bhutan. They have a different point of view on economics. They don't have the Gross National Product as an indicator, they have Gross National Happiness. They only promote economic growth when it makes everyone happy. Idealistic? Yeah, but the thinking is useful. Has it anything to do with advertising? Maybe yes, maybe no.

Yes, if you really think about how to spend your life in a useful way. No, if you just want to hang out at advertising festivals and think about the next big award. In advertising, we always look at what's been done in the past. The best commercial in Cannes this year will 'inspire' lots of creatives to do more or less the same next year. Why can't we create other messages for our clients besides just promoting their products? In a world with so much hate and fear, our communication should be optimistic and meaningful.

As an industry, we should broaden ourselves and discover the new worlds around us. They're all there, waiting for us. We should open up the curtains and go out and play.

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