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The current landscape-in point form

- More channels; fragmentation; more control-less unifying experiences; more boredom with advertising, ad marketing cynics; digital speed of transmission of thoughts, opinions and ideas; management consultants - downsizing, outsourc- ing; customer consultants-managing how you develop relationships with people. This will the be most important bat tle ground for companies in the future.

Agencies have to change shape. (A to-do list for the agency of the future)

- Shift from factory mentality of maintaining services where production of a single item (ads/dm/buying) is the center of business in terms of profitability and positioning to one where real time is spent looking at relationships between brand and consumer holistically, the nature of the current relationship and what the consumer wants from the brand moving forward.

- Shift the definition of many of the old fashioned departments-for example Creatives: creative problem solvers and managers of disparate executional skill sets Planners: have holistic understanding of consumers

Media: looks at all touch points between brand and consumers

- Creative people broaden their base, with a broader chunk taught to come up with ideas-working in teams, e.g., one creative, one context (media); briefed by planner.

- Define the creative and then manage and source a variety of different executional channels from advertising, relationships, experiences to viral.


- Fragmented delivery of creative ideas will leave networks "bolting on" smaller boutiques, an admittance that they can't keep pace.

- Fluid executional talent on outside of big groups and from sectors not currently playing a big part of the marketing communications arena-TV producers, event organizers, etc.

- Dominant brands have deep understanding of their core customers, and clear view on how their brands should behave.

- Shift from the old advertising model of "renting space" in media channels to a newer "freehold model" of owning their own specific style, approach and properties.

- Fusion between media and blue chip brands driven by convergence.

- The sad thing is people will look the same!

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