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First, geographically, the business will shift to Asia Pacific, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, and Russian and CIS countries. Currently (WPP) is roughly 40 percent U.S., 40 percent Europe and 20 percent Asia Pacific, Latin America and Africa/ Mid East. Our objective is to be a third each. Among the reasons are population concentration: half the world's population is in Asia currently and it'll be two thirds by 2014.

Second, currently just over half our business is outside of advertising in information insight and consultancy, which is basically market research; in public relations and public affairs; and in branding and ID, healthcare and specialist communications, and by that I principally mean direct, interactive, and internet. Currently it's about 50/50; we think it'll be two thirds outside advertising in five to ten years. Why? First because of the increasing cost of network TV, which continues to increase in cost at a faster rate than general price inflation and, second, because of the advent of new media and new technologies the latest of which will be DVRs or video on demand.

Third, quantitative media, what we call the quantitative aids to decision making, whether we like it, or whether creative departments like it or not, will become more important. In other words, two areas of our business in particular -- information insight and consultancy which is basically market research, and direct, interactive and internet which today account for about a third of our business-about $2 billion dollars of revenue out of $7 billion of revenue-will account in five to ten years for about half of our business.

We still think that the ideas and the thinking are the most important feature the clients look for, and that's work or thinking in the broadest sense, not just advertising in the creative department of ad agencies, it's in media, in brand ID, creativity in all its senses. Coordination and integration has moved up the client agenda to be a close second. You can see it in the biggest pitches going on in the industry now. That is about trying to utilize the resources of these groups in the most effective way, in an integrated way. And the third thing clients are focused on is price.

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