The Andy Awards Comment from Jury Chairman Alex Bogusky, Executive Creative Director, Crispin Porter + Bogusky/Miami

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We really wanted to make the show more fun to win. That's why people enter. It's a little bit of Hollywood or Broadway. So we started the Andy Ring this year and people seemed to really dig that. And as a bit of fun I wrote letters to the parents of anybody who won and wanted a letter. It was more of a joke just because none of our parents ever understand what it is what we do. But the amazing thing was all the letters I got back from the parents who were really touched by the letter and how proud they are of their child's accomplishment. You can imagine that advertising creatives were not the easiest lot to raise. I think a lot of shows are trying to make a push to reward some of the newer thinking but it's not something you can or should mandate in my opinion. I think it has to be organic. The judges have to feel in their heart that something is right and wonderful within the creative context that they are familiar with. You can't ask people to award things because they are different unless different also feels brilliant and right. Fortunately, the group of judges we had seemed to appreciate some of that kind of work. Because they understand it in the context of their own market. They feel the rightness of it as they and their clients struggle to find answers in the more and more fractionalized media. I'm proud that campaigns like Beta 7 won at the Andys yet at Cannes the jury snubbed both MINI Robots and Beta 7. I think the reality is that other markets around the globe are just beginning to feel the pressures and realities that are creating work like this. So jury selection is key to the kind of show you hope to have. The Clios are very, very international. I went to the show in Miami this year and as I sat there I thought to myself this work has very little resemblance to what we try to do and what I think some other very good U.S. agencies try to do. It was like a teeny-weeny film festival. Period.

The bottom line is the evolution will come about when the financial rewards follow the new media work. Right now if you want to be famous and forward your career and make big coin you probably care most about TV. When that begins to change you will see the shows begin to change. It's obviously begun to change but one of the realities that slows it down a bit is the fact that a lot of the big time creative directors that judge these shows made their careers with TV. That's what they know and love. We're going from the Golden Age of advertising to the Information Age of advertising and it's not going to be as easy for this generation to judge the brilliance of this new age. It's going to be a pain in the ass for a while because the rate of change of the media landscape will be increasing even as we try to catch up to the realities of today. What the hell. Should be fun.

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