The African-American Market, Chief Diversity Officers and the Role of Ethnic Shops

Just In Case You Haven't Kept Up With Our Series

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On the off chance you haven't been keeping up with the series we're running during Black History Month, I thought I'd provide the links here. We've got another piece coming up on Monday, but this is what we've run so far.

1. Marketers Shouldn't Bypass African-Americans: Marketers Make Mistake by Failing to Expressly Target Nearly $1 Trillion Market.

2. For Diversity Officers, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished. There's also an interview with Sanford Moore attached to that story. And there's this cool slide show from the AAF Most Promising Minority Student Program and Recruiters Expo

3.Do Ethnic Shops Have a Future? May Be Far in Distance, but Integrated Madison Ave Could Spell End for Some

4. And the CMO Strategy section ran an excerpt from Jason Chambers' Madison Avenue and the Color Line. It's a fascinating look at Georg Olden, one of the first African-American executives in a major advertising firm.

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