AdColor Extends Nomination Deadline

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I know that my last round of writing in this space was a 1,400-word one-sided shouting match at the agencies. And I usually leave the positive reinforcement to Tiffany Warren ... because she just LOVES the abuse heaped on her for daring to point out that there are people inside the industry trying to make a difference. But I figured I'd link to the AdColor home page, not because I think award shows are totally awesome, but because of the videos on the front end from R. Vann Graves, Karl Carter and Rudy Duthil. Yes, they're talking up AdColor, but they're also an example of the other side of the coin -- the men and women carving their way through the industry. Just because the major agencies might have ... ahem ... less-than-stellar diversity records doesn't mean there aren't talented people making it in this industry.

That said, if you know anyone who you think should be nominated for an AdColor award, they've extended the deadline to August 8.
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