Muse Releases White Paper About Diversity Communications

Efforts Are an 'Invaluable Equity for These Companies and Their Employees'

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Jo Muse has just released a white paper titled The Challenge of Corporate Diversity Communication: Achieving Sustainability in Difficult Times. Muse notes that we're at an intersection in which a horrible economy may start to take its tolls on the few good examples of multicultural communication programs out there. But, he adds, "while businesses must first and foremost focus on their own survival, it is important to remember that the considerable Diversity advancements forged by many organizations represent an invaluable equity for these companies and their employees."

The paper's 16 pages long and collects in one place a lot of the things that people concerned about diversity have been saying. Readers of this space may have a moment where they say to themselves, "Hey, Muse is writing what I was thinking!"

Among the findings dealing specifically with marketing:

Since in many ways the business case for Diversity begins and ends at the intersection of profitability and increased market share, there are probably few criteria with more significant impact on awareness, influence and reputation than efforts to build stronger ties to the multicultural consumer and new customers. The best practices of the most successful corporations nearly always include employment of minority advertising and marketing agencies to develop plans and efforts against these valuable consumers. In addition, many corporations have expanded their general market media involvement to include media outlets that service emerging ethnic consumers.

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