Children Mystified by Racial Outcry Over Cheerios Ad

'Kids React' Series Tackles 'Controversial' Spot

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Earlier this year, a super-cute Cheerios ad featuring a mix-raced couple and their child supposedly caused some sort of racial outcry. In fact, the only people bothered by it were the sort who spend their time commenting on YouTube. According to Ace Metrix, the majority of Americans liked the spot. Indeed, even on YouTube, the video received 59,530 thumbs-up votes to 2,468 thumbs-down votes.

All the same, it was deemed a controversy. And the fine folks over at The Fine Brothers, saw an opportunity to have a teaching moment via their "Kids React" series.

As you can see, the kids thought the ad was just a silly old cereal ad. And then they were told the awful truth: "A lot of people have gotten very angry over this commercial." This, not surprisingly, doesn't sit well with the children. For the remainder of the video, they express the sort of basic, decent humanity that would make all those nasty commenters on YouTube ashamed of themselves -- if such people were capable of shame.

The original spot, from Saatchi & Saatchi, New York, can be seen below.

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