Wanted: Light-Skinned African-American Women

Ciroc, Diddy Deny Accusations They Were Casting for 'Beyonce-Types'

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According to an article in The Florida Courier, Sean "Diddy" Combs, Ciroc vodka and a modeling agency are in full damage-control spin after a casting-call ad looking for "white, hispanic or light skinned African-American" women caused a bit of a firestorm on the web. Diddy, Ciroc and their agency, Blue Flame, claim they didn't commission the ad and had, instead, tapped black-owned talent agency Tysum Agency. Tysum, in turn, turned to Ethnicity Models.

For the record, Diddy pushed back pretty hard both on Twitter and MySpace. Ciroc also released a statement calling the ad offensive. Oddly enough, no one seems quite willing to outright blame anyone else in this instance.

At any rate, read the entire Courier piece. It's a good read. And it certainly brings up questions of where casting-call ads fit in the legal spectrum and questions about beauty and race even within companies presided over by members of the same race.

An extremely sensitive subject ... and one that is an everyday reality in the consumer-facing side of the ad industry. Feel free to sound off in the comments.

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