I Might Not Be Latina Enough for One Texan Apparel Maker

What If My Butt Doesn't Look Like JLo's?

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Laura Martinez Laura Martinez
When I read in this blog space about culturally relevant modifications to products and services, I recalled this press release I received the other day from Fiorana, an apparel maker from Fort Worth, Texas, announcing the launch of its first women's "Latina Cut" line of jeans.

According to the company's founder and president Mike Braden, "The Latina body is different in waist and hip structure." The conclusion? "When wearing Anglo cut jeans, there is always a fit problem around the waist area."

What a relief! And to think that for a while -- a long while -- I thought my inability to squeeze into my Levi's or Gap jeans had something to do with a recent trip to Mexico City, where I indulged in sopes and quesadillas as if there was no tomorrow. As it turns out, and according to Mr. Braden, the only reason Latino women like myself are having trouble fitting in their regular jeans is the result of our naturally and genetically-programmed bootylicious look.

I should have known better. Latino celebrities here are more often than not defined by their daring derrières. Think Salma Hayek, America Ferrara and the mother of all Latino-heavenly butts: Jennifer Lopez. Still, reading and re-reading the staggering conclusions of the apparel maker's internal research among Hispanics, I couldn't help but wonder: Could it be that the jean maker is simply generalizing about what a Latina body is supposed to look like? Either that or I'm going to have a serious talk with my parents, as perhaps I am really not what they told me I was, but the adopted child of a non-Latino, voluptuously challenged family clan from some far away place. (Last time I checked, my butt did not look anywhere near as fabulous as that of JLo).

In the meantime, Fiorana is already on a roll pitching its new line of jeans among exclusive boutiques nationwide. Priced at $100 apiece, they're a bit too expensive if you ask me. But you never know what you're going to get. It's not everyday that a company promises to provide Hispanic women "a sexy, sophisticated premium jean that caters to their feminine curves."

Which kind of reminds me of Taco Bell and makes me want to say "Yo quiero Latina Cut Jeans!"

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