Your Janitorial Staff Is Not a Focus Group

The Rules Always Seem to Change When Developing Work Targeted to Spanish Speakers

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Rochelle Newman-Carrasco Rochelle Newman-Carrasco
"It's 2008." His words were fueled by anger as they burst forth in search of understanding. "Decade of the Hispanic. ... Latino boom. ... What happened?" the voice continued. It was a Friday evening, and I had answered a call from a multicultural-marketing friend. Something or someone had pushed him over the edge.

Gathering his composure, he went on to describe a call he had received from an executive within his company. One of the Spanish-language networks had done the creative on a new campaign, "and now they want me to round up the janitors, maids and gardeners that work in our buildings and run it by them," he explained. "Can you believe it? That's just what they said. In this day and age? I have to say I'm offended." (READ MORE)
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