Must-Read Post of the Day: Multicultural Muppet Offers Lessons to Marketers

Kiss My Black Ads on Sesame Street's 'I Love My Hair'

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Marketers and ad industry folks of all stripes hoping to glean a little knowledge of the African-American market should check out this post on Kiss My Black Ads. Inspired by a Sesame Street video called "I Love My Hair" -- which features a young African-American girl celebrating her hair -- blogger Craig Brimm comes up with "10 Things Marketers can Learn from a Multicultural Muppet." While the post, like the video, touches on issues of self-esteem and respect, it goes much deeper than that. Here's one of my favorite lessons:
2. Acceptance, total, unfiltered acceptance is still very important to these demographics. Not some frat-boy filtered & accepted version of it. But the genuine, I'm - OK - You're - OK version of acceptance. Too often ideas have to run through either the Caucasian appreciation mill or the black white-guy mill for approval. As in; "Let (Black) Lester check it out, if he's not bothered, we're good!" Hello, many times Lester either went to school with you or has a similar school experience as you. Or Lester has carved himself and made "himself" small enough to be accepted by you in a way that does not offend you or the office culture. Basically he cannot say what he feels because: One, he may not know what to feel (in your presence, he too wants acceptance). Two, Lester feels exactly like you (good for a boring office, not good for interesting new ideas).

Now go read the rest of it.

And here's the video:

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