Rod Wheeler Sure Knows the Difference Between Hispanics and Chinese

Race vs. Ethnicity on Fox News

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Laura Martinez Laura Martinez
Do you know who Rod Wheeler is? Well, I didn't ... until this week, when Fox News invited the former homicide detective to face off with Mayra Nieves, a local Spanish-language radio executive about the infamous Chandler rapist, a suspect sought out for the rape of several teenage girls in the Phoenix area who has brought about -- in addition to the understandable panic and manhunt -- a heated debate about racial profiling.

The issue at stake is the local police's description of the suspect (still at large) as a "Hispanic male" and the outcry of the local Hispanic community about what that means exactly. Ms. Nieves, the VP-of programming for KMYL (1190 AM) and also a guest on this week's Hannity and Colmes show on Fox News, came out to denounce one simple issue: what exactly do cops mean by looking for a "Hispanic male"?

"By saying [the suspect] is Hispanic looking you are not really telling me what he looks like, because Hispanics can be white, brown, dark skinned. ... I am just requesting an accurate description," she said, citing the very nature of radio to demand better details about the looks of the individual.

Ms. Nieves has raised some hell down in Arizona, mostly because she insists the cops' definition of the suspect is nothing but racial profiling, while the local community has accused her of dividing the audience and deviating the focus of the investigation.

So that's the difference?!
So that's the difference?!
Mr. Wheeler, for his part, seems to have no problem explaining the whole thing. "The police department has made a tremendous investigation and actually narrowed down the suspect as being a Hispanic male. Not a black male, not a Chinese male-- with his eyes like this -- but a Hispanic male," he said, as he made a gesture pulling back his eyes.

Pressed further by Ms. Nieves, Mr. Wheeler -- who has his own website -- attempted to get out of the mess by simply saying Hispanics are basically "almond color" individuals.

Oh... are we? Is this what the so-called mainstream media have come down to, explaining race, ethnicity and, worse, color, in such simplistic terms?

I'm not sure what Mr. Wheeler had in mind with such an explanation, but I'd be very curious to see what he would declare in the (very hypothetical) situation of being attacked or robbed by, say, Hispanic TV dames Cristina Saralegui, Charytín, Maria Celeste Arrarás or Lili Estefan. Would Mr. Wheeler be able to ascertain then that these Hispanic women are actually not almond-colored or "Hispanic-looking" but rather tall, blond, light-skinned and "very European looking"?

Perhaps he will... in which case we'll have Fox News to thank for such a revealing bit of information.

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