10 who had an annus horribilis

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Martha Stewart: Must've spent 2003 wondering who declared open season on domestic doyennes. As circ of eponymous magazine wilted, Martha distanced herself from her media empire. Also, sadly, can't face coleslaw anymore. These are not salad days.

Rosie O'Donnell: Acrimonious courtroom battle in wake of collapse of joint venture magazine bearing her name reveals she's mean to cancer survivors and yells at underlings. Plus, "Taboo," her $10 million Boy George broadway vehicle, is going nowhere.

Dan Brewster: Acrimonious courtroom battle in wake of collapse of joint venture magazine run by company he helms, Gruner & Jahr USA, exposed the manipulation of circ numbers across the organization. Brewster said in Ad Age that lots of publishers do it-a statement unlikely to win him any publishing popularity contests.

John Dooner: Publicly demoted from chairman of Interpublic Group of Cos. to return to McCann-Erickson WorldGroup, where he's forced to watch most cherished client Coca-Cola Co. parcel out bits of business to rivals.

David Hearn: If there's one thing worse than being publicly demoted from the top of a holding company, it's being forced to sell off your holding company-Hearn was CEO of Cordiant Communications-and then watch as much of it is shuttered.

Jim Schroer: Resigned in May as exec VP-global sales and marketing at Chrysler Group after advocating the marriage of content and commerce with Chrysler's $14 million deal with Celine Dion. The strategy was hit for the diva's CD sales, but did little for Pacificas.

Roy Disney: Ousted from the board of family business, and must watch rival Michael Eisner run the show, with only a Web site to rant from.

Rush Limbaugh: Oh well, guess he shouldn't have complained so much about those lax drug laws. Goes into rehab after National Enquirer breaks the story of his prescription-drug addiction.

Tommy Mottola: Sir Howard Stringer replaces Mariah Carey's ex as head of Sony's troubled music division with Andy Lack, a TV exec with no music experience. Lack wins kudos with massive restructuring and merger with BMG Entertainment.

Tom Rogers: The Primedia CEO quit, citing differences regarding the company's direction. It went something like: Controlling shareholde Henry Kravis decided to sell consumer titles, Tom Rogers disagreed, Tom Rogers left.

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