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1. Reebok

"Terry Tate"

Arnell Group, New York

Office Linebacker Terry Tate cuts through the office cooler chatter during the Super Bowl.

2. miller lite


Ogilvy & Mather/New York

Cartoonish babes argue the merits of "tastes great" and "less filling."

3. Pepsi Twist

"jack & Kelly"

BBDO/New York

Ozzy's offspring morph into Donnie and Marie in this Super Bowl ad.

4. Budweiser


Hill, Holiday/Boston

The football-playing Clydesdales return. An official-a zebra-checks the replay in this Super Bowl ad.

5. honda


Wieden & Kennedy/London

Things just work in this technical tour de force that created a swirl of controversy.

6. Coors light


Deutsch/Los Angeles

Man literally sings the praises of a true friend, the "mighty wingman."

7. Miller lite

"pillow fight"

Ogilvy & Mather/New York

Pam Anderson makes a scantily-clad appearance for Miller.

8. fedex


BBDO/New York

A FedEx employee delivers a 5-year-old package in this sendup of the company's role in Tom Hanks' film "Castaway."

9. reebok

"terry tate on the field"

Arnell Group, New York

The fictional Office Linebacker brings the pain to Nike's streaking hooligan.

10. nike


Wieden & Kennedy/Portland

A Nike-shod streaker disrupts a soccer game and evades authorities.

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