10 Must-have Products For 2005

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1. Karl Lagerfeld for H&M

It's an odd couple, but the Ikea of the fashion world teamed up with the Chanel designer to launch a limited-edition line of clothes and even a unisex fragrance, Liquid Karl. He later mucked it up by making nasty comments about not designing clothes for fat people. So his first collection will be his last. Get what's bound to be a collectible before they get moved out to make room for spring clothes.

2. Google stock

It was the most highly anticipated initial public offering since the salad days of Amazon. The search-engine company went public in August in an auction process that pushed just short of auctioning the stock on eBay. It paid off in spades: Google opened at $85 and eventually shot up to $200. It's since settled around $175. Get ready: In mid-February, restrictions on insider sales will expire for employees holding millions of shares.

3. Philips MiraVision

2004 was dominated by a deluge of flat screen TV choices, but really one cool silver box tends to look like the next. (OK, there were a few options: Speakers on the side or bottom? Oh, the dilemma.) But the MiraVision is visually revolutionary. Like the name says, it's actually a mirror that turns on to reveal a TV. The LCD-based set is encased in a stylish variety of mirror frame options-perfect for assuaging both your vanity and your boredom.

4. Bose iPod SoundDock

What do you get when you take the coolest white MP3 player and combine it with the coolest white speakers? The Bose iPod SoundDock pairs high style and amazing function in one convenient package. Imagine going home, opening the door, removing your earphones, and simply dropping the iPod into a base station. Never miss one high-quality audio beat again.

5. Advance copy of `Company'

Australian satirist Max Barry is set to sass the marketing world once again in fall 2005 with a new novel. "Company," published by Doubleday, chronicles recent B-school graduate Stephen Jones' first job at meta marketer Zantuck Holdings where, according to Mr. Barry's Web site (MaxBarry.com) "nobody has ever seen the CEO" and "the Mission Statement makes no sense." Sound familiar?

6. Wrinkle fillers

Move over Botox, there are a whole slew of new "wrinkle fillers" on the market sure to be on the (fuller) lips of those in the know. Q-Med's Restylane and Perlane as well as Inamed Aesthetics' Hylaform are gel injections that actually fill out creases and lines-and plump up areas, too! Botox maker Allergan likely isn't too concerned as its muscle-relaxing injections apparently "work brilliantly together," according to Restylane's Web site.

7. Mr. Clean AutoDry

What's a 45-year-old, earring-clad bald guy best known for wooing housewives in the kitchen doing hanging around the garage? Lots apparently. Mr. Clean made the leap this year from household cleaning brand targeted at women to automotive product for men with this carwash kit that promised no water spots when left wet. AutoDry worked as promised, and helped double sales for a middle-aged brand.

8. Mexican Coke

We're talking the beverage, people. Still, Mexican Coca-Cola may be the tougher Coke to come by in the U.S. Despite clamoring by Mexican immigrants who want their "real thing" sweetened with cane sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup, Coke has resisted attempts to import it. That reluctance fuels conspiracy theorists who claim New Coke was just a clever diversion to ease the switch to cheaper HFCS for the U.S. formula.

9. MyFi portable satellite radio

When you're in the mood for digital radio, the iPod just won't do. In fact, there is no radio choice on the white wonder. So here comes the Delphi MyFi with XM Radio satellite service to go. It allows recording up to five hours for travel, but is also perfect for sports fans and talk radio lovers. Don't expect Delphi to be the only one tooting this cool horn. Analysts note the MyFi is key to the future health of XM Radio.

10. Treo 650

It's like magic glowing in the palm of your hand. Earlier Treos were cool enough. But with its backlit keyboard, PalmOne's brand new Treo now has Bluetooth, a removable battery and improved screen resolution. Decidedly the best all-in-one product on the market, it covers all its bases well: PDA, mobile phone, instant messager, digital camera, music player and voice recorder.

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