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1. 212,046 Chevy Chase does turkish Cola ads aimed at coke and pepsi by Bill Britt QwikFIND aa088j

2. 211,253 Rosie's courtroom day3: legal lumps and high absurdity by jon fine QwikFIND aap12y

3. 182,563 gruner & jahr exec breaks down on witness stand by jon fine QwikFIND aap13h

4. 163,095 gruesome french ads depict dead journalists by laurel wentz QwikFIND aaop55p

5. 108,580 jay leno slated for 'queer eye' makeover by wayne friedman & richard linnett QwikFIND aao90p

6. 107,497 white house to end drugs & terror ads by ira teinowitz QwikFIND aao56d

7. 93,512 a new magazine 'strictly for the super-affluent' by jon fine QwikFIND aap14k

8. 88,913 former anti-business band does p&G commercials by lisa sanders QwikFIND aao92j

9. 79,294 new al gore tv hopes to avoid 'liberal' label by richard linnett QwikFIND aap07d

10. 69,681 dixie chicks star in senate radio consolidation hearing by ira teinowitz QwikFIND aao83p

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