10 record industry flops this year

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1. Justin Guarini: Justin Guarini


Proof positive that TV promotion isn't everything. "American Idol" (over?) exposure and heavy hype fails to propel it anywhere near gold status.

2. Michael Jackson: Number Ones


Well, this guy got a lot of TV exposure too, but, um . . .

3. Smashmouth: Get The Picture


48,000 copies sold. This is around 1% of what their 1999 smash Astro Lounge did.

4. Zwan :Mary Star of the Sea

Warner Bros.

Billy Corgan forms indie-rock supergroup, releases record, sells a fraction of what his Smashing Pumpkins used to, then breaks up the band. And how was your year?

5. Madonna: American Life

Warner Bros.

Is she still the most famous woman in the world? Possibly. Can she still sell mega-platinum? Judging from this, no.

6. Marilyn Manson: Golden Age of...


Times are so tough not even Satan can buy him a hit.

7. Fischerspooner: #1


Rule #1: No references to chart-topping status. Especially when a megabucks signing and loads of hype net out at around 40,000 units sold.

8. Mandy Moore: Coverage


Former blonde's image-pivot to gravitas not helped by this offbeat covers collection, unless the plan was to only sell 150,000 records.

9. Jessica Simpson: In This Skin


Ditz-of-the-year/MTV-star status significantly ratchets up public profile-and fails to bring her back to platinum, or anywhere near it.

10.Pink: Try This

La Face

2002 breakout star hits sophomore slump? Slow start, falling down the charts, no hit yet in sight.

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