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1 Instapundit.com


Glenn Reynolds is the granddaddy of the blog world. The libertarian law professor has gone from blogging to writing columns for TechCentralStation and MSNBC. Covers current events, politics and media and is treated by some as an actual content provider on par with traditional media outlets.

2 Daily Dish


The right-leaning former New Republic editor and New York Times Magazine columnist takes on anti-Semitism, homophobia, liberals, conservatives and Howell Raines. Sullivan holds an annual pledge drive to support the blog and its staff (yes, staff!) . Coming soon: a media kit, complete with reader demographics.

3 Scripting News


News, politics and tech-related writing from Dave Winer. Winer's a software developer and the founder of UserLand software, so the writing leans more toward the tech. If you're interested in keeping up with the latest news on RSS (the Really Simple Syndication format for Web syndication), this would be a good start.

4 Girlwithagun


The pundits and Web heads don't have all the fun. Livejournal is the place for those who want their diaries to be found. Observations of "misanthropic philanthropist who lives with five roommates, a 20+ system LAN and a mobile bar." And she likes guns, too.

5 Wil Wheaton


Yes, that Wil Wheaton. Ensign Wesley Crusher of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" writes about, well, whatever tickles his fancy. The site, which came into being after a Hooters waitress asked him if he "used to be" an actor, lets readers in on the real Wheaton, now a husband, step-father and writer.

6 Where is G.


Salam Pax, possibly the first Iraqi blogger, offered insight on Baghdad in the days leading up to the war, prompting questions as to his reality. Turns out that he was real and now he's landed a gig as a snarky columnist at The Guardian in the U.K, where he gets a lot of criticism for sounding like a snarky Guardian columnist.

7 [email protected]


Another popular livejournal user. In her livejournal user information, she describes herself: "I am a product of wishful thinking, fruitless hoping, and poor planning. Despite the world, I breathe, I feel, I bleed." She also admits to having a mind "corrupted with spider webs."

8 Eschaton


The blogosphere isn't just for libertarian and conservative cranks. It's for liberal cranks, too. The Orange County liberal goes after Bush, Fox News, the right in general and the supposedly liberal media. So if you're a card-carrying member of the "real" liberal media, this is the blog to turn to.

9 Kottke.org


Professional Web designer Jason Kottke muses about everything from Web design to movies to the rip/mix/burn culture. Heavy on movie reviews lately. But did chime in after Saddam was captured, saying that "reading the weblog coverage lately is like watching 1,000 cable channels at once." (That isn't a good thing.)

10 Little Green Footballs


Charles Johnson keeps an eye on the forces aligned against Israel and the U.S. Targets include fundamentalist Islam, the U.N. and the U.S. State Department. Not for the faint of heart or the politically correct. Comment section here accurately mirrors the real Middle East.

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