10 Worst-rated companies on PlanetFeedback.com

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1. Compaq Computer Corp.

"I am tired of messing with Compaq and I will continue telling anyone and everyone that doesn't want to throw their money away to NEVER BUY COMPAQ!!"

2. Volkswagen of America

"I love VW's but since purchasing my car, it has seemed like nothing more than a curse! I will make sure no one that I know ever purchases a VW!"

3. SBC Communications

"They overcharge, for one thing, and their customer service sucks."

4. Cingular Wireless

"At this point, I don't care to list all the details of the misinformation and incompetent service I've gotten from your company, but it's beyond bad."

5. BBC America

"I am FURIOUS about BBC America's axing of the AWARD WINNING show EASTENDERS!!"

6. AT&T Long Distance

"They are losing customers because of their ignorance, stupidity, inability to solve problems, lack of communication and the fact that they just treat their customers badly altogether!!!"

7. Sprint Long Distance

"I would also like a handwritten apology from the person that called me a liar about my bill."

8. Maytag Corp.

"If this goes on more than 2 weeks, I fully intend to get this washer moved into our front yard and spray paint `MAYTAG IS JUNK' (plus more) and make a beeline to Sears and buy a Kenmore."

9. AT&T Wireless Group

"I called your customer service today the representative I spoke to was rude, obnoxious and refused to pass me through to her superior."

10. U-Haul

"I feel that we deserve some kind of compensation. My husband and cats were nearly killed."

Quotes from consumers who wrote into the site.

Source: Intelliseek's PlanetFeedback.com

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