10 worst-rated companies on planetfeedback.com

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Source: Intelliseek's PlanetFeedback.com; quotes from consumers who wrote into the site

1. Compaq Computer Corp

"Do you plan to string me along for the entire 1-year warranty then cut me loose?"

2. Volkswagen of America

"My 2001 VW Jetta is so bad that I developed a Web site to complain about it."

3. SBC Communications

"I wouldn't be surprised if I start getting a bad connection all of a sudden, 'mysteriously,' just because of this complaint. There, I said it."

4. Cingular Wireless

"Secondly, get rid of the $5 answering machine charge. It's ridiculous. My friends were laughing at me ..."

5. Sprint Long Distance

"Here's what I'd like to see happen: Go out of business."

6. BBC America

"Bring 'EastEnders' back. Also provide promotion for the program as [you are] doing with poor stuff like 'The Office,' 'Ground Force' and 'Changing Rooms.' "

7. AT&T Long Distance

"I have been sick and when I try to doze off you call again and then again and it's just harassment!"

8. Maytag Corp.

"All Neptunes should be recalled, melted down and made into an appropriate sized boat anchor so that customers will be forced to buy washers that work."

9. AT&T Wireless

"I cannot guarantee you that the bill you send me will be accurate. I cannot guarantee you that I will get through to a live person who can help me by calling customer service. I can guarantee that I will cancel my service asap!"

10. U-Haul

"I don't feel U-Haul gives a rat's a** about the customers that pay their paychecks which is very sad. I'm a customer service agent for a major airline that does care about their customers. I would be embarrassed to work for U-Haul."

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