10 Worst Shows According to the Parents Television Council*

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1. `Everwood,' Wb

"Careless and irresponsible treatment of sexual issues, especially when the teenaged characters are involved."

Shocking: Doctor gives teenage girl birth control without informing father.

2. `That `70s Show,' FOX

"Teen sex and drug use, depicted as risk- and consequence-free."

Shocking: Girlfriend walks in on boyfriend while he's masturbating.

3. `Fear Factor,' NBC

"Disgusting and physically dangerous stunts."

Shocking: "Scantily clad female contestants."

4. `Two and a Half Men,' CBS

"Constant references to steady stream of one-night stands."

Shocking: Mother sleeps with a man who used to be a woman.

5. `CSI', CBS

"Graphic depictions of decaying bodies, grisly crime scenes, dissections ... murders, and kinky and bizarre sexual fetishes."

Shocking: "Fur fetishists have sex while wearing animal costumes."

6. `The Surreal Life,' WB

"Six housemates spent a day at a nudist camp."

Shocking: Numerous bleeped obscenities."

7. `Girlfriends,' UPN

"Joan's friend Sharon recommends classes at `Mama Gina's School of Womanly Arts."'

Shocking: Those classes are wonderful. I highly recommend `Owning your Orgasm.' And it's a prerequisite for `Finding Your Vagina."'

8. `Las Vegas,' NBC

"What can you expect from a show about Sin City, but sex, sex and more sex?"

Shocking: "A fictitious senator, famous for his morality-and-virtue platform, secretly coming to Vegas to blow off steam."

9. `Will & Grace,' NBC

"Graphic anatomical references, both hetero- and homosexual."

Shocking: Gay man Will gets propositioned by a lesbian.

10. `Cold Case,' CBS

"Graphic murders and other violent crimes.... Disturbing plots."

Shocking: "Teenaged boys picking up prostitutes."

Source: Parents Television Council

* Parents Television Council's 10 worst shows for family viewing on network TV for 2003-04

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