A New York State of Design

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After 15 years, the One Show judging has returned to New York, so the One Club sought to make the city itself part of the design in the new Volume 25 of The One Show Annual. New York's Graham Clifford Design (www.grahamclifforddesign.com) obliged, with a distinctly NYC-themed cover and divider page concept and design. "We wanted to avoid all those conventional Manhattan icons and give a nod to the city's spirit and resilience in a more natural, integral way, so we made found-object titles from the urban fabric," explains Clifford. Photographer Peter Cunningham roamed the five boroughs, searching for the necessary words and titles in street markings, traffic symbols, storefronts, auto decals, and other forms of exterior signage. "For the cover, we used part of a certain newspaper's masthead, a traffic sign and part of a neon display from a notorious Times Square establishment, Show World," continues Clifford. Not even Jayson Blair could have borrowed better.

Client: The One Club Design: Graham Clifford Design Creative Director: Graham Clifford Book Design: Lisa Mardon Smith Photographer: Peter Cunningham

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