Awards Entries for Dummies

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Think entering your work in awards shows is a pain in the butt? In conjunction with the launch of its redesigned website, the One Club now also offers a new fast and painless online system for entering and uploading your prize creative to the One Show judges (see The system, known by the mysterious acronym CAMS, was developed by the One Club over three years in collaboration with the backend techies at Red Vitae, and it has become something of a standard, also recently adopted by the Andys, the Art Directors Club and the Clios. OC Interactive Director Kevin Swanepoel, who worked with Red Vitae to develop the awards portal, says that the process should be a breeze even for the meekest of technophobes. "A woman from The Martin Agency, who didn't even have a computer, phoned me up and gave me hell about it for half an hour. I talked her through it, and later she sent me a letter saying, 'I never believed that a task like this could be so simple.' " Yeah, but notice she didn't send an e-mail. Not only that, we bet she was talking on a rotary phone.
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