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Venice, Calif., brand communications company 86 the Onions has published three small, simple, largely useless books in a Book Smarts series. As CD Chad Rea, who created the series in a collaboration with freelance designer Anthony Burrill explains, "Book Smarts was born of a simple observation: How many more little books do we need near the cash register proclaiming self-help, words of wisdom, insightful quotes or uplifting thoughts for the day? The answer: three." Book Smarts: The Truth About Nothing "is a collection of thoughts about nothing in particular. They are blinding glimpses of the obvious. No one will learn anything from reading them, or feel any better about themselves. But they will feel strangely compelled to buy them." Book Smarts: Semi-Survival Guide to the Future "is the ultimate guide for those who have ever wondered what the hell this world is coming to, or what to expect in the near future. It's light summer reading for the simple-minded." Book Smarts: Finite Words of Wisdom "is an experiment in quotes that's a nice book to look at while you're on the toilet."

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