New Butcher in Town

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It's almost an omen that Rob van de Weteringe Buys, while he was executive producer at Fallon/Minneapolis, for convenience's sake started to go by simply Rob Van. The slashing seems to have presaged his new gig, Butcher Edit, which he launched last month in Santa Monica with longtime friend and former Uppercut editor Dave Henegar. The two already had prime steads in the midwest-Van was behind Fallon gems for Lee, Holiday Inn Express and the Emmy-winning "Identity Theft" campaign for Citi, while Henegar edited several choice jobs for BMW-but for family reasons both had been looking to return to their native California. The partners are still getting their bearings and sniffing around for a second editor, but already have landed a sweet job for Sesame Street and an international campaign for their longtime BMW client. So it seems the shingle they've chosen, with all its catastrophic connotations, hasn't been a deterrent to getting the work. "I went to the Small Business Administration, which is made up of retired businessmen trying to give advice and they said, 'No, you can't use that name! If there's any advice we can give you, change the name!'" Van says. "But across the board, in the advertising community and on the perimeter, everybody loved it. It was very hard to walk away from because everything else felt kind of vanilla."
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